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There are two things that I remember about the Men in Black films: Will Smith being in them, and Frank The Pug. Granted, I was young when I saw them. Man, I loved Frank The Pug. But alas, while Frank The Pug isn't back for Men In Black's third installment that nobody asked for, Will Smith is, for his first movie in four years. MIB III reunites us with Agents J and K, with the former going forty years into the past to discover the mysterious time-space continuum disappearance of the latter. 

I admit that as a fan of the first “Men in Black” film that came out in 1997, I was not looking forward to this third installment.  I honestly didn’t care for the second film and I felt that it had been too long for this film franchise to make a worthy sequel 15 years after the original but I still went into “MIB III” with an open mind.

The film opens when an evil extraterrestrial named Boris the Animal, played by Jemaine Clement escapes from a security prison on the Earth’s moon.  His plan is to travel back in time and kill the younger Agent K for shooting off his arm and imprisoning him for 40 years.ommy Lee Jones and Will Smith return to the big screen as members of MIB (the Men in Black), a secret organization that works to keep aliens out of the eye of the general public. In the third installment of this blockbuster franchise, Agent J (Will Smith) travels back in time to meet a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) in order to once again save the planet.

According to Roger Moore of, Brolin as a young K is reason enough to see "Men in Black 3."

“Dry, drawling, deadpan — he nails the flinty Texan in this sentimental sequel,” Moore wrote.
“Sequels are almost by definition let-downs. But sometimes it’s enough to want a movie to work,” Moore added.

 described the movie as lacking enough humor, but called it not a bad film overall.

“…it's a reasonable capper to the trilogy but if they're to plough forward with this franchise, there really does need to be something more added,” he wrote.

Here’s what other critics had to say about Men in Black 3:

J has to travel back in time to save K from Boris's clutches, and much is made of the vertigo- inducing leap needed to get there. The 60s look predictably, but not intrusively, groovy.

Jemaine Clement is arch-villain Boris in present and past, though tragically he has little more to do than a well-enunciated growl while leaping around in a cartoonish fashion. Nicole Scherzinger has a walk-on role as Boris's girlfriend, or rather her cleavage does. Thankfully she doesn't hang around.

But the best find of MIB3 is Josh Brolin, a woefully underestimated actor who ventriloquises Jones's character as a young man so well that you forget it isn't him - and keeps Jones off screen, never a good thing. Brolin reveals K was once a more playful, humorous fellow who may have had a thing with new boss O (Emma Thompson), and his chemistry with Smith is great, though the aliens they must battle slow rather than speed the plot.

Brolin's do or die role to save the world gets us to that big reveal and almost certainly guarantees a fourth in the series.

While it's better than most 3-D movies, the 3-D does darken the excellent looking vibe that director Barry Sonnenfeld brings to the 60s so via the style of Mad Men at some points. I don't like 3-D, plain and simple. MIB III is entertaining, fast-paced, and fun, while all the while working it's way to a finale that is both exciting and surprisingly poignant.

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